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If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador please fill out this short application form below! 


- As an AmZo Ambassador you will have access to a permanent 30% discount at all times (only for your purchases)  

- You will get a personalized discount code for you to share with your followers! (20%) You get to make it up.

- For every 5 purchases with your code, you get a FREE surprise product! 

- Chance of being featured on our social media.

- VOTE on each month's charity/organization. (30% of profit is donated)

- Represent a brand that gives back to the world! 



- Upload a minimum of 4 Instagram stories a month (or one post a month) promoting our products. If you split them well, it's just one a week! 

- Spread good vibes and give our brand the best ambassadors possible! Remember we donate 30% a month; we are a company that gives back to the world. :)

- ONE purchase to officially enter the program. This will be the first product you will be promoting, in addition to the gift we will send along with it!


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